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Tabaka Fitness | Personal Training & Nutrition in Bristol. It’s all about motivation, training smart, getting results and getting them the way you want it!

I recognise that each client is individual and therefore requires a bespoke health and fitness programme to achieve optimal goals in safe and effective manner.
My name is Jan Tabaka, I’m a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Science and 9 years of experience in the field and I simply deliver real-life results (read more About me).

  • Tone up and Get Lean
  • Get Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Weight Loss or Muscle Gain
  • Body Composition & Nutritional Analysis
  • Improve Functional Strength
  • Improve Nutrition and Overall Health
  • Improve Sports Performance
  • Athletes Training
  • Improve Flexibility and Mobility, Relief Pain

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Do you want to improve your body look or the way you feel about yourself?  Do you struggle with motivation and find it difficult to keep the momentum going once you start? Tried everything and nothing seems to work?

Then you know it’s time to stop reaching for another ‘magic ingredient’ and finally use the health and fitness training used by a professional who has delivered results to more than 200 clients! The methods based on individual approach targeted specially for you to get you optimal results FAST!

I don’t sell you just reps and sets, but a complex health and fitness service including bespoke training programs and nutritional action plans combined with injury prevention, lifestyle management and coaching to ensure you don’t just get another piece of advice but actually put it to action and incorporate it into your lifestyle. Ready to finally improve quality of your life and get the BODY YOU WANT AND DESERVE!

TRAIN SMARTER – Get fit, trim and lean with Tabaka FITNESS!

Not sure of how I can help you or what results you can expect? Book a Consultation Session!

Get your body transformation started and…

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