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Owner of Tabaka Fitness / Senior Personal Trainer Bristol, Nutritional & Body Composition Expert / Thai Masseuse / Bristol Bachata founder, teacher

Jan Tabaka
REPs Personal Trainer (Level 3) / Gym Instructor (Level 2)
BSc Sports and Exercise Science

I’m not just a Personal Trainer with a certificate, but a sports scientist, health professional, athlete, Acroyoga and Bristol Bachata Latin Dance teacher, Thai Masseuse and extreme health and fitness enthusiast as well, running 4 health and fitness businesses.

I’m currently one of the most active, engaged and diverse health and fitness providers in Bristol. Lately also a founder of Bristol Bachata –  the largest bachata dance school in the UK, outside London.

As a Personal Trainer, over the last 9 years I’ve done more than 5,000 hours of one-to-one personal training sessions with variety of clients ranging from Alana who lost 5 stones (32kg) in less than 6 months, or FC Aberdeen players improving their strength and conditioning, to Greg who won NAC Bodybuilding Championships in the UK.

I devote to fitness field as much as I can, making sure I am the best I can be. When I am not training my clients I am studying current research, testing different workouts and training myself. I teach what I preach.

I have received my BSc in Sports and Exercise Science and been accredited by the Register of Exercise Professionals as a Personal Trainer Level 3.

However, what I pride myself in is that I do not have a ‘tunnel vision’ and do not limit myself to a common ‘textbook approach’ when it comes to health and fitness. I look deeper and keep learning from the best coaches and athletes across different sports and disciplines, as well as health practitioners – nutritionists, physiotherapists, alternative medicine practitioners, chiropractors, well-being coaches etc. – confronting their methods with findings in current research as well as my academical knowledge, experience and in-depth understanding in human physiology and biomechanics. I combine well proven methods by picking out the best elements of each approach in unique way to make it the most appropriate and suitable to an individual I am working with.

In the past I used to compete in cycling on a national level, partaking in such events as British Cross Country Championships for two consecutive years. Later I have also been involved in coaching other athletes helping them achieve their sport goals.

For the past 9 years I have been working in several fitness clubs practicing my holistic health and fitness approach. Currently I work in a private personal training only studio Synergi Training Space in Bristol (city centre) – for more details, please go to Contact page.

My philosophy

As a matter of fact, one size does not fit all, and the same goes with exercising and nutrition as we recently begin to discover. In my believe health and fitness programs can be truly beneficial to everyone only when they are individualized. Everybody has different strengths, weaknesses and responds to exercise and diets differently. I recognize that and employ all my academical knowledge and experience to deliver most suitable and effective training methods for each individual whether it to be for weight loss, or tone-up, stamina, strength or size gains, sports performance, mobility, posture improvement, pain relief or developing stronger more confident version of oneself.

It is key to understand, that our bodies can be truly fit and kinetically strong only with optimal posture and body alignment, hence I also put a great focus around correct biomechanics and technique for each exercise and correct muscular imbalances to assure optimal training progress, not to mention injury prevention or current pains relief (e.g. shoulder or back pains). I’ve worked for almost a year in Clifton Chiropractic clinic (top one in Bristol) as a rehab trainer utilising my expertise on the topic.

Having also studying nutrition and sports nutrition for 4 years plus 2 years of Precision Nutrition Course, I’m a strong believer in alternative medicine and well balanced sustainable diet. I believe in using nutrition as an ultimate remedy to most of the health problems we are often facing. Therefore, in my approach to heath and fitness I also put a lot of emphasis around nutritional coaching as well as lifestyle and motivation. I believe that only when all these elements and bespoke and individualised training are combined, then we can achieve optimal results for each individual and make true lasting changes contributing to better healthier life.

I make sure my clients do not just learn a couple of exercises, but develop a new approach, habits to keeping themselves active and taking a better care of their health and fitness.  Putting emphasis on all these aspects and working with my clients in friendly and welcome environment is what in my opinion personal training is all about.

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