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Here you can find the details of Personal Training & Nutrition I offer in state of the art, well equipped and friendly pt studio in Bristol City Centre (for private 1-2-1 and small group training), as well as Online Personal Training & Nutrition, Nutritional Coaching how it works and how you can benefit.

Tabaka Fitness also provides Body Composition & Nutritional Analysis, Thai Yoga Massage and weekly Acroyoga and Bristol Bachata Dance Classes. To read more, select Services from the menu bar.

For enquires call 0795 151 4058 or email

Personal Training

Personal Training is about motivation, getting results and getting them the way you want it!

I recognise that each client is individual and therefore requires a bespoke health and fitness programme to achieve optimal goals in safe and effective manner.

My name is Jan Tabaka, I’m a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in BSc Spots and Exercise Science and 9 years of experience in the field and I simply deliver real-life results (read more About me).

Tone up and Get Lean
Get Better, Faster, Stronger
Weight Loss or Muscle Gain
Improve Functional Strength
Improve Nutrition and Overall Health
Improve Sports Performance
Improve Flexibility and Mobility, Relief Pain


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  • – 3 x Gym-based Sessions per week
    – 1 x 60 Minute Nutritional Consultation
    – Weekly Body Composition Assessment
    – Tailored Training Programmes
    – Nutritional Coaching Software (worth £79/month)
    – Bespoke Nutrition Plan with weekly updates over the course of 13 weeks
    – Supplementation advice
    – Email Support
*No Gym membership and no additional fees required. Open 6am-10pm every day, including weekends. Click on Personal Training section for more info.
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Tabaka Fitness | Meet the Clients


I have been training with Jan now for just over 5 months with my primary aim being to lose weight and improve my fitness. The results have been fantastic. I have lost just over 5 stones and dropped 6 dress sizes! Not only have I lost weight I have gained so much knowledge with regards to exercise and the best types of exercises to achieve results. Jan has also provided me with endless hints and tips with regards to my diet and why he recommends the types of foods that he does, to give me a better understanding so I can make the right choices. Thanks to Jan I now enjoy exercise and look forward to training as he provides a friendly atmosphere to train in whilst always pushing and motivating you to achieve you’re maximum potential. Personal training, for me, has been one of the most positive changes I have made.

Alana's stunning 5 stones weight loss in less than 6 months!
Alana’s stunning 5 stones weight loss in less than 6 months!


I first came to Jan out of curiosity to check my body composition (body fat percentage etc) and to seek some general advice. I’ve always eaten relatively healthily and trained hard but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Jan’s advice has enabled me to make small tweaks and changes in my diet that have really accelerated my results. I have only been working with Jan for just over a month and I feel I have made some of my best progress within this time. I would recommend Jan to anyone serious about getting results.

Ashley aiming to drop down to 6% Body Fat!
Ashley aiming to drop down to 6% Body Fat!

Grzegorz (1st place in NAC Bodybuilding Championships, Manchester 2015)

Jan was consistently helping me with preparation for a NAC Bodybuilding Championships in Manchester (as a qualifier to world championships) where I’ve earned a First Place in the UK! He was professionally measuring my body composition (inc. body fat) and helping me with diet, nutrition supplementation. He’s also helped me with posing. I would say Jan is one of best trainers I was working with.

Regards Grzegorz Rudnicki

Grzegorz (1st place in NAC Bodybuilding Championships, Manchester 2015)
Grzegorz (1st place in NAC Bodybuilding Championships, Manchester 2015)

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Nutritional Analysis

Body Composition and Nutritional Analysis

Body composition is the amount of fat vs. lean muscle tissue in the human body. These are commonly expressed as a percentage of a person’s total weight. Body weight alone in not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are from fat and how many are from lean body mass.

Body Composition and Nutritional Analysis session will comprise of determining your body fat vs lean mass, Body Fat % and your somatotype to help to understand your individual body type. You’ll also be asked to provide 5-7day nutritional diary for further analysis and you will receive comprehensive analysis and nutritional report.

Book your Body Composition Assessment – £20 per session

Book your Nutritional Consultation and Body Composition Assessment  – £45 per session

Online Deals for Body Transformation Packages and much more

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Bristol Bachata

Weekly bachata dance classes:

Every Monday 7.30-9pm Essentials to Sensual Bachata – Open Level Weekly 90min Workshops @ Pitcher & Piano Bristol with Jan & Sandra and Victoria.


Sensual bachata was created in Cádiz, Andalusia, Spain, by Korke Escalona and Judith Cordero.

Korke learned the basics of bachata in 1998; then he started developing his own dance style by understanding how the leader (traditionally a man) could lead the body of the follower (traditionally a woman) to interpret the music. Sensual bachata is an independent dance form with strict lead and follow principles. The dance is an interpretation of the music with mostly circular movements and body waves. When the music has stronger beats, however, the dance also uses isolations and dips.

The course aims at teaching you the essentials of Sensual Bachata regardless whether you are a beginner, an improver or intermediate you will find it very informative and packed with great tips. Each week we teach different aspect of bachata sensual – musicality, blindfolded bachata, role reversal, tricks and cool moves, body isolations etc. It will help you learn the correct technique, preparation and execution of the dips, waves, turns, body isolations, musicality and much more. It will help you learn and understand the essential moves and how to play with musicality to learn and improve your bachata sensual like never before. All moves we teach are leadable – we teach you the principles of following and leading, nothing is choreographed – we want you to become a fantastic social dancer 🙂

You will learn:
– basic steps, moves and technique of sensual bachata
– body isolation, dips, waves
– fun and easy to lead moves
– musicality – how to interact with the music
– men’s and ladies’ styling
– how to connect with your partner and really enjoy your social dancing.

No partner or previous dancing experience required – open level class. Just come along and have some fun 🙂

– Workshop starts at 7.30pm until 9.00pm, cost £8 or block of 4 for £30
FREE social dancing 9-10pm – if you feel like practicing those moves for a bit longer, having fun and a drink or two 😀

@ Pitcher & Piano, V Shed, Canon’s Rd, Bristol, BS1 5UH

– £8 per 90min workshop – including free social dancing. Also available on MoveGB, drop-ins welcome!
– Buy 4 workshops for £30


Every Wednesday 7.30-9.30pm Bachata Sensual with Dominican Flavor (3 levels beg/imp/int) @ Pitcher & Piano with JanVictoria, Rene y Sandra, Savvas & Martina.

We will teach a mix of bachata sensual and Dominican catering all levels: absolute beginners/beginners – improvers – intermediate/advanced, led by 6 amazing teachers: Jan Tabaka and Victoria Fletcher, Fernando Javier Ania Hernandez and Sandra Sanchez Ligero and Charlie Webb and his partner.

CLASSES (2hrs of classes at 3 separate levels: 2hrs for absolute beginners/beginners, 2hrs for improvers and 2 hrs of intermediate/advanced):

– 7.30-8.30pm Bachata Sensual (beginners with Savvas & Martina, improvers with Rene y Sandra and intermediate with Jan & Victoria)

– 8.30-9.30pm Bachata Sensual with Dominican flavour (beginners with Savvas & Martina, improvers sensual with Rene & Victoria and intermediate sensual with Dominican flavour with Jan & Sandra)

– Social party – FREE entry 9.30pm-11pm!

The classes aim to teach you the beauty of Sensual & Dominican Bachata (Latin Dances) to help you enjoy your social dancing.

You will learn:
– basic steps and technique of Sensual & Dominican Bachata
– fun and easy to lead moves and routines
– musicality – how to interact with the music
– men’s and ladies’ styling
– how to connect with your partner and really enjoy your dancing.

No partner or previous dancing experience required. Just come along and have some fun 🙂

@ Pitcher & Piano, V Shed, Canon’s Rd, Bristol, BS1 5UH

– £7 for one class, £10 for two classes, available on MoveGB.
– Discount for students – £2 off
– Social party – FREE entry 9.30pm-11.15pm!


All together we will aim to provide unique weekly classes, guest teacher master classes, lady styling and isolation workshops and bachata only parties covering bachata sensual, Dominican and fusion styles to offer what Bristol hasn’t experienced yet! It will get hot, so come in and support the project: Bachata is taking over! 😍😍😍😘😘😘

Also find us at Bristol Bachata Congress, Bachataddiction Congress in Edinburgh, Bristol Salsa Congress, Tropical Summer Festival in Plymouth, Pop-up Latin Project, Student Union as well as many other events and workshops as guest teachers.


Thai Yoga Massage in Bristol

Thai Yoga Massage in Bristol – Optimise your body’s ability to heal physically, mentally and energetically

Who is it for?

Thai Yoga Massage bridges the gap between relaxing and remedial massage and offers combination of both. It’s ideal for you if you want to feel relaxed and pleasantly rejuvenated like you haven’t felt in a while! It’s great for anyone, regardless the age or gender, whether you work long hours in the office, or you’re an athlete who needs to address specific tightness in the body or whether you are after treating yourself to a relaxing stress relieving massage at the end of a stressful day/week.

What to expect?

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on a thick mat on the floor, the client fully clothed in loose comfortable attire. It is a sequence of movements combining compression, assisted stretching, acupressure, trigger point therapy, muscle tissue manipulation and energy balancing. The effects are felt body wide, increasing circulation and flexibility, promoting deep relaxation of both deep and superficial tissues. It has a calming and quieting effect on the nervous system and many report going into deep states of meditation during the massage.

Treatments and prices of Thai Yoga Massage in Bristol (BS12LZ):

60min Full Body Thai Yoga Massage – £40
– 90min Full Body Thai Yoga Massage  – £55


For bookings and enquiries please contact Jan on 07951514058 or got o Contact page.

Check out also Personal Training and Nutritional Coaching pages.

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For enquiries regarding Tabaka Fitness | Personal Training & Nutrition or other services, or to book a Consultation, please contact Jan:

Phone: 07951 514058

Services are available in several locations in Bristol:

Also available at:

  • The Quorum office gym –  personal training and Thai massage (City Centre)
  • Vita Students gym – personal training (City Centre)
  • Number One Bristol gym – personal training (City Centre)
  • Clifton Chiropractic clinic (Clifton)