Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage

Optimise your body’s ability to heal physically, mentally and energetically
60min Full Body Thai Yoga Massage – £40
90min Full Body Thai Yoga Massage  – £55


Optimise your body’s ability to heal physically, mentally and energetically
What to expect?

Thai Yoga Massage is practiced on a thick mat on the floor, the client fully clothed in loose comfortable attire. It is a sequence of movements combining compression, assisted stretching, acupressure, trigger point therapy, muscle tissue manipulation and energy balancing. The effects are felt body wide, increasing circulation and flexibility, promoting deep relaxation of both deep and superficial tissues. It has a calming and quieting effect on the nervous system and many report going into deep states of meditation during the massage and giving you lean muscle and toning through the relaxation of the muscles, click here for more information.

Who is it for?

Thai Yoga Massage bridges the gap between relaxing and remedial massage and offers combination of both. It’s ideal for you if you want to feel relaxed and pleasantly rejuvenated like you haven’t felt in a while! It’s great for anyone, regardless the age or gender, whether you work long hours in the office, or you’re an athlete who needs to address specific tightness in the body or whether you are after treating yourself to a relaxing stress relieving massage at the end of a stressful day/week.

Precautions for people with health conditions
As the saying goes, there are two sides of a coin. All these benefits are not without limits. The following list is not really known or talked about. Not a lot people know about these precautions which I’m hoping to change. This is important information and should be shared. Without this knowledge prior to getting a massage, it could cost you your life. I’m being serious, there have been multiple reported cases of people getting massages when their body wasn’t ready for one.
People with the following sicknesses should be abstained or be very careful during the massage. Because stimulating blood circulation or stretching the muscles and tendons may cause injury to the body. Here is a list of the potentially dangerous illnesses when mixed with massage: High blood pressure, heart disease, osteoporosis, neurological diseases especially spinal cord, loose joint disease, coronary artery disease or lymphatic obstruction, diabetes. If you have any of these, you should consult your doctor first. I repeat DO NOT get a massage WITHOUT consulting your doctor!
Cancer patients should not have massages because cancer can spread to the other organs. If the pain really hurts, you can ask for a gentler massage but please avoid the cancerous areas.

People after 2 weeks of surgery is ok for them to have a massage, depending on the area the surgery was. You can contact the Sydney plastic surgeons to have the best surgery experience and they can let you know how to proceed with the massage.
People with dermatitis should not have a massage. It will spread the virus to other areas and also spread to the massage therapist.
Do not massage while having a fever of more than 38 degrees Celsius because the muscles are easier to get damaged at this temperature.
If you are injured and have broken bones or some bones are not attached do not get a massage.
Pregnant women should not have massages, especially in the first 3 months. If you have back pain after first 3 months, you can get massages but notify your therapists and they should not massage your abdomen nor let you lie down on your front but on your side instead.
If you have very hot, red swollen joint pain, you should avoid any massage until symptoms subside. The massage will cause more inflammation.
Women who are in menstruation should not massage. Pity, these are the times I feel like getting a massage the most!
For any wounded area, do not massage. It may delay healing or promote ulceration.