See below for a full list of services.

My name is Jan Tabaka, I’m a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Science and 9 years of experience in the field both a trainer and an athlete.

I’m not the biggest guy in the gym, nor better than anyone else. I’m just a guy with a passion to be healthy and fit by my own standards. That passion lead me to become a competitive athlete in cycling, then I did my BSc degree in Sports Science, also Precision Nutrition, Thai Massage and Life Coaching courses, plus I also got into on dance, meditation, acroyoga and more.

Over the last 9 years of working in the field I’ve done more than 3,000 hours of one-to-one personal training sessions with variety of clients ranging from Alana who lost 5 stones (32kg) in less than 6 months, or FC Aberdeen players improving their strength and conditioning, to Greg who won NAC Bodybuilding Championships in the UK.

I definitely don’t know everything but I managed to deliver results to over 100 clients I’ve had a pleasure to work with over the last few years.

I offer following services :

  • Private training – from £35 per session
  • Semi private (2-4 people) – from £20 per person per session
  • Nutritional Consultation (Precision Nutrition)
  • Professional Body Composition Assessment (inc. Body Fat %)
  • Online Coaching
  • Life coaching sessions
  • Performance analysis
  • Supplementation
  • Thai Massage – from £35 per session
  • Acro yoga classes