Personal Training

Personal Training is about motivation, getting results and getting them the way you want it!

I recognise that each client is individual and therefore requires a bespoke health and fitness programme to achieve optimal goals in safe and effective manner.

My name is Jan Tabaka, I’m a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in BSc Spots and Exercise Science and 9 years of experience in the field and I simply deliver real-life results (read more About me).


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I have been training with Jan now for just over 5 months with my primary aim being to lose weight and improve my fitness. The results have been fantastic. I have lost just over 5 stones and dropped 6 dress sizes! Not only have I lost weight I have gained so much knowledge with regards to exercise and the best types of exercises to achieve results. Jan has also provided me with endless hints and tips with regards to my diet and why he recommends the types of foods that he does, to give me a better understanding so I can make the right choices. Thanks to Jan I now enjoy exercise and look forward to training as he provides a friendly atmosphere to train in whilst always pushing and motivating you to achieve you’re maximum potential. Personal training, for me, has been one of the most positive changes I have made.

Alana’s stunning 5 stones weight loss in less than 6 months!


I first came to Jan out of curiosity to check my body composition (body fat percentage etc) and to seek some general advice. I’ve always eaten relatively healthily and trained hard but I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. Jan’s advice has enabled me to make small tweaks and changes in my diet that have really accelerated my results. I have only been working with Jan for just over a month and I feel I have made some of my best progress within this time. I would recommend Jan to anyone serious about getting results.

Ashley aiming to drop down to 6% Body Fat!


6 months reflection, if I think about it … u have actually been like an angel to me, Jan Tabaka taught me so much in this short journey. I feel like I did yrs ago, but a much better & healthier version. My approach & attitude towards everything is different – More positive. Mindset has changed. No longer an emotional eater !!
So yeah every day I’m learning. I remember his words & try to apply it in my workouts.
Not forgetting the person who put me on this journey! Who is my number 1 supporter, hats off to u & the journey begins…

Nazia dropped from 39.6% down to 18.0% Body Fat and size 6 dress and never felt stronger and healthier!

Grzegorz (1st place in NAC Bodybuilding Championships, Manchester 2015)

Jan was consistently helping me with preparation for a NAC Bodybuilding Championships in Manchester (as a qualifier to world championships) where I’ve earned a First Place in the UK! He was professionally measuring my body composition (inc. body fat) and helping me with diet, nutrition supplementation. He’s also helped me with posing. I would say Jan is one of best trainers I was working with.

Regards Grzegorz Rudnicki

Grzegorz (1st place in NAC Bodybuilding Championships, Manchester 2015)

About Me

I’m a Personal Trainer, sports scientist, health professional, athlete and an extreme health and fitness enthusiast as well.

My name is Jan Tabaka, I’m a certified Personal Trainer with a degree in BSc Sports and Exercise Science and 9 years of experience in the field both a trainer and an athlete.

I’m not the biggest guy in the gym, nor better than anyone else. I’m just a guy with a passion to be healthy and fit by my own standards. That passion lead me to become a competitive athlete in cycling, then I did my BSc degree in Sports Science, also Precision Nutrition, Thai Massage and Life Coaching courses, plus I also got into on dance, meditation, acroyoga and more.

Over the last 9 years of working in the field I’ve done more than 3,000 hours of one-to-one personal training sessions with variety of clients ranging from Alana who lost 5 stones (32kg) in less than 6 months, or FC Aberdeen players improving their strength and conditioning, to Greg who won NAC Bodybuilding Championships in the UK.

I definitely don’t know everything but I managed to deliver results to over 100 clients I’ve had a pleasure to work with over the last few years.

I work in several fitness clubs practising my holistic health and fitness approach. Currently I am based at the Synergi Training Space in Bristol City Centre.


Ready to to get your fitness up? For enquiries regarding Tabaka Fitness or to book a Consultation, please contact Jan:

Phone: 07951 514058


Services are available in several locations in Bristol:

  • Personal Training Studio – Synergi Training Space (City Centre)
  • Clifton Chiropractic (Clifton)
  • at your home and outdoors